15 oct. 2013

CLEFT sentences

Click on SLIDESHARE or on CLEFT to view a general explanation.

Remember the 2 most common types are WHAT and IT clauses.
The structures depend on where we wish to put the emphasis:

- focus on an action: WHAT+ S+ do+be+ (S)+ infinitive (plain, without to)
- emphasis on a whole sentence: WHAT+ happen+ be+ SVO

+++ the person (who).../ the reason (why).../ the place (where).../ the time (when)...
+infml+ the thing/ all/ something... + relative + be

- specific information : IT+ be (singular) + info+ relative clause (that/who)

14 oct. 2013

Listening skills

Just a reminder of the notes about listening skills we discussed in class.

Before the exercise we must read the INSTRUCTIONS very carefully to find out information about: the topic, the speakers, possible distractors and how/where to write our answer.

Look at the layout of the exercise and underline/circle key words.

While the example is playing we can get used to the accent, intonation, rhythm and relax our hearing.


Here are the mindmaps created by the two advanced groups.

First outline of minispeech

Here's the outline done in class from Carmen's speech.