18 nov. 2014



Coming to EOI Motril Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th November 2014 to sell lovely books in English, great ideas for Christmas gift!

Bring money to purchase some wonderful books.

The book stand will be located in the school hall from 9:00 until 12:30 in the morning and
from 15:30 until 20:00 in the afternoon/evening.

11 nov. 2014

KEY for marking of WRitten assignments

Reg: Register (informal, formal)

COHR: coherence (ideas, meaning, logic development...)
COHS: cohesion (puntuation, connector...)
ROS: run on sentence (too long, too many ideas together, too many commas)
Z: start a new paragraph

RiCoG (Riqueza y Corrección Gramatical)
WO: word order
AG: agreement (Subject & verb form, article & noun, singular vs. plural...)
W: wrong (preposition, article, pronoun...)
VT: verb tense
G: grammar structure

RiCoL (Riqueza y Corrección Léxica)
Sp: spelling mistake
WF:Wrong form of the family of words (noun, verb, adjective, adverb...)
WW: wrong word
COLL: collocation (wrong combination of words)

REP: repetitive

(!)= something missing (subject, preposition, article, pronoun, word...)

Avoid "etc/..." and USE: "and so on", "and so forth", "and the like"

Ceramic poppies in Tower of London

Art installation to mark the CENTENARY of World War One.
Click on BBC HISTORY website to find lots more about World War One.
Here's a website on EVENTS

3 nov. 2014


The age difference between two Motril ladies, Sheila and Isabel, is approximately 40 years. Sheila is white-haired and in her sixties, Isabel is young and blonde and in her twenties. But they share a strong common interest - learning a language. 
Isabel wants to keep on developing her already fluent English. Sheila can read Spanish much more easily than she can speak the language - or understand what people are saying to her. 'The Spanish speak so fast' says Sheila. 'So do the English!" says Isabel.
That's where it started: They have been meeting together 2 hours per week to learn from each other, choosing one topic each session so that they can learn new words all the time and practise using them in a relaxed and supportive situation.
Now they are throwing the idea open to others and are starting Intercambio evenings every TUESDAY from 20.00 to 22.00 free of charge at Cerveceria Gambrinus on Calle Narciso Gonzalez Cervera.    The idea has been working very well in Durcal in the Lecrin Valley for the past 2 years, started by a retired teacher Hilary Collyer.  Now it is being brought to the coast. Why not just come along and give it a try?
You have nothing to lose and much to gain!
Contacts: Sheila Comer tel no 636741475 and Isabel Castilla Garcia tel. no. 669940896

Or EMAIL: intercambiomotril@hotmail.com  to know about the topic of the session!

A note from Hilary Collyer re. activities:Activities are not essential but they do help to integrate new people and help the older English speakers to focus their brains. In the past we have had successful evenings with holiday photos, rapid table changing, games, grammar puzzles, crosswords, song lyrics and singing, card games and even homework sheets can generate lively conversation.