21 dic. 2012

Reading Test

Dear advanced students,
Here is the promised copy of the text you wanted to have:

Sunny Side Up 3

Here are the answers to chapter 3:

Chapter 3
Section A
1. Better-off, intellectual, larger, main; 2. roguish; 3. inimitable, sun-warmed;
4. amiable, octogenarian; 5. worm-eaten, old, outrageous;
6. black, beady, pronounced; 7. unsuspecting / obliging; 8. juicy
9. outside, strange, threatening, sheltered
Section B
1. at, of; 2. in; 3. to, at; 4. in; 5. down, on; 6. to; 7. on; 8. on; 9. for; 10. for
Section D
1. a difficult or unpleasant experience.
2. without much flesh; thin and fit
3. to make someone love you
4. to have a mind and body full of life and energy; to be lively
5. a person that you can easily persuade to do something, especially to give you money
6. to make no progress or have no success
7. to be forgotten because it happened such a long time ago
8. not to use too much of something

Sunny Side Up 1

Here are the answers to chapter 1:

Section A
  1. Bright, lively; 2. Pink, freshly-picked; 3. Narrow, cobbled; 4. charming, easygoing; 5. Idyllic              6. Tourist-packed, cheerful; 7. astronomical; 8. intensely-cultivated, bleak; 9. unreal, astonishing   
Section B
  1. Of, about, of; 2. Off; 3. At; 4. Away, from; 5. Off; 6. Off, from; 7. To, for; 8. On, to
Section D
1.to relax by sittinh, or lying down; enjoy a period of rest from work
2.to accept something
3.in such a way as to secure an agreement/business
4. it was clear to me

19 dic. 2012

Basic Criteria

Expresión e interacción escrita
Criterio base
Funciones comunicativas
Cohesión y coherencia
Distribución/organización y signos de puntuación
Conectores y mecanismos de referencia
Riqueza de lenguaje

Expresión e interacción oral
Criterio base
Formato, intervenciones, duración y contenido
Funciones comunicativas
Cohesión y fluidez
Enlace de ideas y estrategias de interacción
Entonación y ritmo
Riqueza de lenguaje

10 dic. 2012

Answers for Reading Homework 2NA

Hello! Hope you had a nice bank holiday.
Well, here are the promised and long awaited answers to the last reading pack I handed out to you.
-Part 1 (Chewing Gum Culture) 17-D, 18-A, 19-G, 20-E, 21-B, 22-C
-Part 2 (Eccentrics) 21-A, 22-B, 23-A, 24-D, 25-C
-Part 3 (The Legend of the Root) 16-to, 17-as, 18-so, 19-be, 20-despite, 21-like, 22-in, 23-this, 24-have/ cause/produce, 25-which/that, 26-no, 27-it, 28-such, 29-how, 30-more

Tomorrow Tuesday 11th class is cancelled. Writing and some speakings on Thursday 13th. Listening and Reading and rest of speakings on Tuesday 18th.

27 nov. 2012

Sunny Side Up 2

Here are the answers to chapter 2.

Section A
  1. Fresh, crusty;
  2. Sharp-tongued, impervious, mercilessly;
  3. weathered, old, remote, fresh, creamy; 
  4. Plump, jet-black, golden
  5. treeless, abruptly, dry;
  6. Bustling, provincial
  7. 90-minute, winding, potholed, nearest;
  8. Quintessential
  9. young, striking
Section B
1.Off; 2. By; 3. Into; 4. Of, out, of, by, of; 5. Out; 6. On; 7. By; 8. At, in; 9. About, through;         10. On, for, to; 11. of

Section D
1.not be nearly as good as something (e.g. tomatoes)
2. a particular way of saying something or describing something

Sunny Side Up

Here are the answers for the vocab and grammar sections corresponding to the prologue.

Section A
1.       Little bullet-like
2.       Fine
3.       Basic back-to-nature
4.       Sloping and leaking
5.       Nerve-jangling
6.       Hectic outside
7.       Pale and jaded
8.       Decent. Precious
9.       Absolutely
10.   Exactly sparkling
11.   Rain-sodden
12.   Funny
13.   Outsize
14.   Costly
15.   Centuries-old beamed
16.   Gaudy floor-to-ceiling
17.   Flowery
18.   Headlong, modern, obsessive, material
19.   Age
20.   Shattered, broken, crushed
Section B
1.On, 2. Without, 3. By, 4. Out, 5. On, from; 6. Past, 7. To, 8. In, 9. Out, 10. Down, for; 11. To, 12. For, 13. Of, 14. From, 15. Out, about.
Section D
1.Man’s frills and follies. Frills: things that are not necessary but are added to make something more attractive or interesting. Follies: stupidity, the fact of doing something stupid, an activity or idea that shows a lack of judgement.
2.A spending spree. A short period of time that you spend doing one particular activity that you enjoy, but often too much of it.
3.To have little idea of something.  To not have a clear plan or thought about what to do in a particular situation.
4.Having knocked about the world a bit. Having travelled and lived in various places.
5.To know a thing or two. To know a lot about something from your own experience.

7 nov. 2012

Poppy on the 11th of November

Firstly, watch this VIDEOCLIP in silence, or sing along the famous song: FLANDERS FIELDS.
Then, click on REMEMBRANCE DAY to view info.
Finally, watch this clip with the The LAST POST.

4 nov. 2012


Click on HISTORY to view this quick presentation... or this one with MAP references.
Try this easy QUIZ to test your knowledge.
Have a laugh with these funny JOKES!
Listen to this scary SONG and dance with the groovy SKELETON!
Finally, here are some frightening RECIPES.

11 oct. 2012

Intro writing


My name is… and my surnames are… I’m +Nationality. I am from +City/Town , in +Country. I speak +Language(s). I was born in +year (spell it) and I am +age (spell it). My birthday is in +Month. My address is number +Name +road/street.

My favourite actor/ actress is +Name. His/Her surname is …/ surnames are… S/He’s +Nationality. S/He’s from +Country.

I’m in group E/B .My English classes are on +Day and Day.

1 oct. 2012


Click on TO BE to review this important verb and
understand some of the many uses/ meanings.

Look at examples of the use of to be as TENER.

27 sept. 2012


Click on COLOURS to listen to this colourful song.
Or listen to a song by DONOVAN.

Here are the lyrics of the COLOURS song:

Colours song by Grancie in YouTube
Here are the lyrics of the song:
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black and brown
Colours in my crayon box, colours all around.
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet
are colours in the rainbow.

CHORUS: Colours, colours, pretty as can be
Brighten up our world, everything we see.
Colours, colours, what a lovely sight
colours everywhere, beautiful and bright.

Red, orange, yellow are the tree leaves every fall.
Blue skies turn to purple skies when the nighttime calls.
Green is the summer grass that's on the ground.
So many pretty colours, colours all around!
Beautiful and bright!