25 feb. 2013

Sam Pickard is coming to our EOI

Who? Students of English language
When? Tuesday 26th 2013
What time? 1st talk= 17:15 until 18:15  &
  2nd talk= 18:30 until 19:30
Where? 1st talk in Salón de Actos   &
             2nd talk in Laboratorio

What is the talk about? Sam will take you on a fun trip to Britain where you can learn about the different parts of the UK, its national symbols, the Royal Family, food, sport, literature, famous people, pop music and other aspects of life in Britain. There will be plenty of opportunities for students to participate and to win fantastic prizes for correct answers!

Sunny Side Up 10

Section A
1.narrow, particularly, sneaky; 2. Loud, heart-rendering; 3. Accursed; 4. Distant, capricious, unscrupulous, unthinking; 5. Tall, strong, persuasive
Section B
1.by; 2. Out; 3. Off; 4. To, to; 5. To, off, in; 6. Up , in; 7. Over, of; 8. On, with, in; 9. Up; 10. by
Section D
Learn to accept something that is difficult or unpleasant.

Sunny Side Up 9

Section A
1.rocky, sadly, evergrown; 2. Truly, hazardous, precipitous; 3. Grim, serious; 4. Hammering;  5. Frail, withered; 6. Notorious; 7. Swiftly; 8. Thickset, white-haired, stern, unyielding.
Section B
1.to; 2. Out; 3. Up, by; 4. for
Section D
1.something that can be measured and used as a standard that other things can be compared with; 2. Keep someone alert and/or active; 3. The time when someone/something had most power or success, or was most popular

Sunny Side Up 8

Section A
1.harsh, mellow; 2. Scornfully; 3. White, rich, pungent, fruity; 4. Old, withered; 5. Good, warm, golden, user-friendly
Section B
1.on, to, up, to, in; 2. At, for; 3. Down,over; 4. In, with; 5. Of, away, at, into; 6. Up, of.
Section D
1.a particularly good and successful year; 2. In spoken, not written, words; 3. Try not to attract other people’s interest, attention; 4. Become involved in something, start doing something well and enjoying it; 5. (old-fashioned) to die; 6. Permanently, for ever

5 feb. 2013

Sunny Side Up 7

Section A
1.Seriously; 2. Nonchalantly; 3. Precisely, right; 4. Equally, familiar; 5. Plainest, glamorous;
6.animated, gargantuan; 7. Light-hearted, flounced, merrily; 8. Patronising, sophisticated; under-privileged; 9. Long, lazy
Section B
1.to; 2. Up, for, of; 3. Out of; 4. Behind, on; 5. Away, with, in; 6. Off; 7. To; 8. Up, with; 9. Up, down; 10. Out, by.
Section D
1.relax completely and enjoy yourself, especially after a period when you have not been able to do so; 2. Have a very enjoyable time, often spending a lot of money; 3. More seriously and with more effort than before, very serious and sincere about what you are saying and about your intentions; 4. A way of thinking about things; 5. To start laughing in a loud and unpleasant manner; 6. Be good at judging something

Sunny Side Up 6

Section A
1.precious, little, genuine; 2. Communist, violent, natural, Machiavellian; 3. Very, Ingenious, phenomenally, fast; 4. Spirited, meekly, local; 5. Constant, desperate, acceptable
Section B
1.for; 2. For; 3. In; 4. Out; 5. Off; 6. Off, to, back, in
Section D
1.a thing  or person that is old-fashioned, or old and no longer useful; 2. Try to repeat an action over and over again; 3. The main topic of conversation among neighbours; 4. Not be/have enough of something, be scarce; 5. To say things that are both clever and amusing rapidly; 6. To be brave; 7. Tell somebody something that should be kept secret or private; 8. Accept and deal with something difficult without worrying about it too much

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