27 nov. 2012

Sunny Side Up

Here are the answers for the vocab and grammar sections corresponding to the prologue.

Section A
1.       Little bullet-like
2.       Fine
3.       Basic back-to-nature
4.       Sloping and leaking
5.       Nerve-jangling
6.       Hectic outside
7.       Pale and jaded
8.       Decent. Precious
9.       Absolutely
10.   Exactly sparkling
11.   Rain-sodden
12.   Funny
13.   Outsize
14.   Costly
15.   Centuries-old beamed
16.   Gaudy floor-to-ceiling
17.   Flowery
18.   Headlong, modern, obsessive, material
19.   Age
20.   Shattered, broken, crushed
Section B
1.On, 2. Without, 3. By, 4. Out, 5. On, from; 6. Past, 7. To, 8. In, 9. Out, 10. Down, for; 11. To, 12. For, 13. Of, 14. From, 15. Out, about.
Section D
1.Man’s frills and follies. Frills: things that are not necessary but are added to make something more attractive or interesting. Follies: stupidity, the fact of doing something stupid, an activity or idea that shows a lack of judgement.
2.A spending spree. A short period of time that you spend doing one particular activity that you enjoy, but often too much of it.
3.To have little idea of something.  To not have a clear plan or thought about what to do in a particular situation.
4.Having knocked about the world a bit. Having travelled and lived in various places.
5.To know a thing or two. To know a lot about something from your own experience.

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