10 dic. 2012

Answers for Reading Homework 2NA

Hello! Hope you had a nice bank holiday.
Well, here are the promised and long awaited answers to the last reading pack I handed out to you.
-Part 1 (Chewing Gum Culture) 17-D, 18-A, 19-G, 20-E, 21-B, 22-C
-Part 2 (Eccentrics) 21-A, 22-B, 23-A, 24-D, 25-C
-Part 3 (The Legend of the Root) 16-to, 17-as, 18-so, 19-be, 20-despite, 21-like, 22-in, 23-this, 24-have/ cause/produce, 25-which/that, 26-no, 27-it, 28-such, 29-how, 30-more

Tomorrow Tuesday 11th class is cancelled. Writing and some speakings on Thursday 13th. Listening and Reading and rest of speakings on Tuesday 18th.

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