11 nov. 2014

KEY for marking of WRitten assignments

Reg: Register (informal, formal)

COHR: coherence (ideas, meaning, logic development...)
COHS: cohesion (puntuation, connector...)
ROS: run on sentence (too long, too many ideas together, too many commas)
Z: start a new paragraph

RiCoG (Riqueza y Corrección Gramatical)
WO: word order
AG: agreement (Subject & verb form, article & noun, singular vs. plural...)
W: wrong (preposition, article, pronoun...)
VT: verb tense
G: grammar structure

RiCoL (Riqueza y Corrección Léxica)
Sp: spelling mistake
WF:Wrong form of the family of words (noun, verb, adjective, adverb...)
WW: wrong word
COLL: collocation (wrong combination of words)

REP: repetitive

(!)= something missing (subject, preposition, article, pronoun, word...)

Avoid "etc/..." and USE: "and so on", "and so forth", "and the like"

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