8 ene. 2015

Writing very short stories

This year the EOI organises a very short story competition and you are expected to participate. The skill of writing stories is also part of the curriculum.

The 7 key elements of a successful and effective short story are:
1. good content (plot and climax/surprising element, theme, setting, characters, point of view)
2. clarity (cohesion & coherence)
3. brevity (100 words) and art of suggesting
4. range and precision of vocabulary
5. style (beauty, charm, rhythm)
6. Reference to common elements of the world, general knowledge. Famous literary/ historical references
7. Title (extra info/ meaning)

Here are 2 links with fantastic examples for you to read:

Here are 3 links to webpages full of useful tips and ideas to help you to improve your writing skills:

Think about the many sources for inspiration you have within and around you to start creating now!

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