5 feb. 2013

Sunny Side Up 7

Section A
1.Seriously; 2. Nonchalantly; 3. Precisely, right; 4. Equally, familiar; 5. Plainest, glamorous;
6.animated, gargantuan; 7. Light-hearted, flounced, merrily; 8. Patronising, sophisticated; under-privileged; 9. Long, lazy
Section B
1.to; 2. Up, for, of; 3. Out of; 4. Behind, on; 5. Away, with, in; 6. Off; 7. To; 8. Up, with; 9. Up, down; 10. Out, by.
Section D
1.relax completely and enjoy yourself, especially after a period when you have not been able to do so; 2. Have a very enjoyable time, often spending a lot of money; 3. More seriously and with more effort than before, very serious and sincere about what you are saying and about your intentions; 4. A way of thinking about things; 5. To start laughing in a loud and unpleasant manner; 6. Be good at judging something

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