5 feb. 2013

Sunny Side Up 6

Section A
1.precious, little, genuine; 2. Communist, violent, natural, Machiavellian; 3. Very, Ingenious, phenomenally, fast; 4. Spirited, meekly, local; 5. Constant, desperate, acceptable
Section B
1.for; 2. For; 3. In; 4. Out; 5. Off; 6. Off, to, back, in
Section D
1.a thing  or person that is old-fashioned, or old and no longer useful; 2. Try to repeat an action over and over again; 3. The main topic of conversation among neighbours; 4. Not be/have enough of something, be scarce; 5. To say things that are both clever and amusing rapidly; 6. To be brave; 7. Tell somebody something that should be kept secret or private; 8. Accept and deal with something difficult without worrying about it too much

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